Dr. Anthony E. Munroe
Office of the President


Dr. Susan Gaulden
Acting Executive Director
Institutional Planning & Assessment


Dr. Joyce Wilson Harley
Vice President
Administration & Finance


Ms. Yvette Henry
Human Resources


Ms. Yvette Jefferies
College Advancement & Foundation


Dr. Keith Kirkland
Student Affairs


Dr. Jeffrey Lee
Vice President / Chief Academic Officer (CAO)
Academic Affairs


Ms. Aminah Massenburg, Esq.
Chief Compliance Officer


Mr. James Pedersen
Acting Chief Financial Officer/ Deputy CFO
Office of the Comptroller


Dr. June Persaud
Associate Dean
Program Development and Learning Resources


Mr. Sanjay Ramdath
Executive Director
Enrollment Management


Mr. Mohamed Seddiki
Executive Dean / Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Administrative & Learning Technologies


Dr. Jill Stein
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
and Health Sciences


Ms. Joy Tolliver, Esq.
General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel


Dr. Elvira Vieira
Community & Continuing Education and
Workforce Development.


Mr. Evens Wagnac
Deputy CFO
Office of the Comptroller



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