Dr. Gale E. Gibson, President
President’s Office


Ms. Avril George-Robinson, Comptroller / Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Comptroller’s Office


Dr. Joyce Wilson Harley, Vice President
Administration & Finance


Dr. Rashidah Hasan, Acting Vice President
Human Resources, Regulatory & Legal Affairs/General Counsel


Mr. Courtney Inniss, Executive Director – Presidential Initiatives
President’s Office


Mr. Mohamed Seddiki, Executive Dean / Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Administrative & Learning Technologies


Dr. Douglas Walcerz, Vice President
Planning, Research and Assessment


Ms. Charlotte Attenborough, Asst. Dean of Events Planning Mgmt. & Community Affairs


Prof. Kathy Battle, Chairperson, Academic Foundations Advisory Council


Prof. Carlos Castillo, Chairperson, Standards & Assessment Advisory Council


Mr. Anthony Cromartie, Chief of Police


Ms. Nakesha Davis, Executive Assistant to the President


Prof. Patrice Davis, Chairperson, Academic Advisory Council


Ms. Yla Eason, Acting Director, Marketing & Communications


Dr. Susan Mulligan, Executive Dean of Student Success


Prof. Barbara Pogue, Chairperson, College Curriculum Advisory Council


Mr. Carlos Rivera, Acting Dean of Business, Industry and Government


Mr. Jeff Shapiro, Director of Facilities Management


Dr. S. Aisha Steplight Johnson, Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs


Dr. Elvira Viera, Associate Dean, West Essex Campus


Prof. Jennifer Wager, Chairperson Institutional Computing Advisory Council


Dr. Alvin Williams, Dean of STEM and Health Sciences


Prof. Lynn Wilson, Chairperson, Faculty Development Advisory Council