Nadine Abram
Director; Media, Production and Technology (MPT) Center


Mahmoud Abu-Joudeh
Chairperson; Mathematics and Physics


Lola Akiwowo
Associate Director; Institutional Development


Patricia Alelov
Director; Continuing Education and Campus Services – West Essex Campus (WEC)


Maria Alvarado
Director; Community and Extension Programs / Enrollment Services


Charlotte Attenborough
Assistant Dean; Events Planning, Management & Community Affairs


Elizabeth Barkley
Director; Information Technology


Maureen Behr
Director; Corporate and Business Training


Leigh Bello-DeCastro
Associate Dean; Online and Learning Resource Technologies


Caroline Beretta
Associate Director; Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)


Augustine Boakye
Acting Chairperson; Business


Mamie Bridgeforth
Chairperson; Social Sciences


Judith Celestin
Director; Adult Learning Center


Sanghamitra Choudhury
Director; Training, Inc.


Mildred Cofer
Director; Financial Aid


Kelly Coley
Assistant to the Dean; Business, Industry and Government


Nikkie Constantine
Director; Gateway to College


Paul Costello
Associate Director; Police Academy


Anthony Cromartie
Director; Public Safety


Nakesha Davis
Executive Assistant to the President


Eileen Defreece
Acting Chairperson; Humanities


Stephanie Falana
Assistant to the Dean; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) & Health Sciences


Marianne Gibson
Associate Director; Student Support Services Special Programs


Elizabeth Gilligan
Assistant General Counsel


Marie Conceptia Girault
Chairperson; Bi-Lingual Studies


Deloris Grimsley
Director; Child Development Center


Evadne Harrison-Madu
Acting Chairperson; Nursing and Allied Health


Shadiquah Hordge
Assistant to the Dean; Liberal Arts


Marcia Hospedales
Associate Director; Human Resources


Barbara Hughes
Acting Director; Nail-It Project


Yvette Jefferies
Associate Director; Financial Management of Grant Funds (Comptroller’s Office)


Yury Kagan
Associate Director; Facilities Management and Planning


Zewdnesh Kassa
Registrar / Assistant Dean; Student Affairs and Enrollment


Keith Kirkland
Associate Dean; Community and Extension Programs


Melvin Knight
Director; Athletics


Susan MacDonnell
Director; WISE Women’s Center


Marva Mack
Assistant Dean; Advisement and Retention


Ravichandran Manimaran
Chairperson; Engineering Technologies and Computer Sciences


Pamela Maynard
Director; Student Development Center


Angela McKinney
Director; On-Campus Continuing Education


Darlene Miller
Director; Bursar


Rocco Miscia Jr.
Director; Police Academy


Micah Mukabi
Associate Director; Job Development Student Development Center


Susan Mulligan
Acting Executive Dean; Student Services


Cheryl Newton-Banks
Director; Enrollment Services / West Essex Campus (WEC)


Jinsoo Park
Director; Institutional Research


Ronald Parm
Associate Director; Public Safety


June Persaud
Executive Assistant to the Vice President; Academic Affairs


Coleen Porcher
Director / Chief Development Officer (CDO); Institutional Development


Joana Ramos Ribeiro
Assistant to the Dean; Continuing Education


Carlos Rivera
Acting Dean; Business, Industry and Government


Samantha Roberts
Director; The Learning Center


Joanna Romano
Director; Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)


Ronald Ross
Director; Evening and Weekend Degree Programs


Marva Rudder
Director; Bookstore


Marylyn Rutherford
Director; Purchasing


Thomas Sacco
Associate Director; Training, Inc.


Jeff Shapiro
Director; Facilities Management


Bertram Shockley
Associate Director; Business Services and Workforce Training (Training, Inc.)


Patricia Slade
Associate Dean; Student Life and Development


Gwendolyn Slaton
Director; Library


Jill Stein
Chairperson; Biology and Chemistry


Stephanie Aisha Steplight Johnson
Dean; Liberal Arts


Adrienne Thomas
Director; Fiscal Operations


Bianca Toliver
Executive Assistant to the Vice President; Administration and Finance


Elvira Vieira
Associate Dean; West Essex Campus (WEC)


Alvin Williams
Acting Dean; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) & Health Sciences