Are you new to online courses?
Please take a few moments to watch the Student Orientation Videos before you start your online course. The Orientation video contains important information that will help you to do well in your online course. We STRONGLY SUGGEST that you review the Orientation video below.



How is attendance being taken in an online course?
Your course(s) will be posted on the Moodle server. You must login to the Moodle server during the first week of class, and every time after that. This will confirm your attendance in the course room.


What is the direct site address to access my courses?
You can login to Moodle from the portal site or directly by visiting


Where do I find syllabus and Textbook information?
Your syllabus for the online course is posted on your course home page. The textbook will be found in the MOODLE course room in the “Course Information” block. Click on the icon titled “eText”.


Where should I check my course email and important announcements?
Be sure to check your Essex email account which may be accessible from the portal site as well as ‘Messages’ in your Moodle course room. Your important announcements will be located in the “Course Communication” block. Check regularly for important information from your instructor.


How am I assessed in an online course?
Students’ performances in distance learning classes will be assessed in different ways. You may have term papers, projects, discussions, essays or other assignments, as well as quizzes or tests. The method depends on your instructor. So be sure to read your syllabus carefully as it will explain this in detail. Check with your instructor as to how you can find out about your assignment or test grades. Final course grades will be available on the ECC’s Web Services accessible from the portal page Please note, you will need your Web Services Login information to access your grades.