The Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts oversees the Division of Bilingual Studies, Division of Humanities, Division of Social Sciences and Africana Institute. Our vision is that students will be empowered by their studies of Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, skills, and perspectives to make a positive impact upon society. The Liberal Arts are rooted in preparing people to use their liberty or freedom to think and come up with ideas about how to solve the problems that confront society. We welcome new, returning, and undecided students who come with the determination to apply themselves to learning and successfully completing their chosen program of study whether it is a course, certificate program, or degree program.


Our Liberal Arts faculty members engage and prepare students to be successful in their careers and during their transition to four-year colleges and graduate programs across the county, state, country, and world. Our Liberal Arts alumni attest that they have been provided with a firm foundation at Essex County College for their ongoing success in their career fields and in their service to their communities. Our Bilingual Studies programs open up a world of diverse people with various international backgrounds to share and consider. Our Humanities programs provide opportunities for students to reflect upon their readings and writings, and apply what they have learned whether it is through a scholarly academic forum or via hands-on projects. Many of our Social Sciences programs include field work and internship opportunities which give students the extra edge to be competitive both in the workplace, and also as they go on to even higher levels of education. The Africana Institute presents intellectually stimulating programming that informs and challenges one’s notions about the Africana diaspora. Tying the educational experiences together is the Study Abroad program which enables students to apply what they have learned while traversing the globe to offer their knowledge to others while receiving a whole new culture within the global context of another nation outside of the United States.


The Liberal Arts Administrative Team includes:

  • Division of Humanities — Dr. Christopher Rivera
  • Division of Social Sciences — Chair Mamie Bridgeforth
  • Director of the Africana Institute — Dr. Akil Khalfani

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Contact Information

Dean of Liberal Arts
A. Zachary Yamba Building; Room 5118
303 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973)877-3496

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