MISSION STATEMENT: To facilitate intercultural communication, through second language instruction, in order to achieve academic skills necessary for matriculation into and successful completion of an Associate Degree program. Services are rendered to any of the growing number of foreign non-native speakers of English populations within the Essex community at large. In addition to English as a Second Language, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic are offered in order to prepare students for personal growth and professional employment in the sectors of business, medicine, government, and social services.


PHILOSOPHY OF ESL ACADEMIC PROGRAM: In AY 1997, the Division’s faculty participated in a year-long training program entitled “The Fluency First Training Project.” This training informed and prompted the revision of all courses in the Academic ESL program, a faculty-generated initiative. The training introduced the Fluency First Approach, a whole language philosophy in language acquisition. The philosophy remains as the under pinning of our ESL Academic Program.


The ESL Academic Program emphasizes reading and writing and the pedagogical and developmental connection between these two activities, especially where the acquisition of a second language and the development of critical thinking are concerned. Moreover, it is believed that an ESL student best develops English language skills through a challenging curriculum which requires a student to read extensive amounts of authentic English, to write about, respond to, and analyze what he or she has read. In addition, a process approach to writing and language development is espoused. Thus, students are encouraged, in the early stages, to express their ideas freely and creatively in a supportive atmosphere. As students progress through the program, greater attention is paid to grammatical accuracy and standard conventions of modern, American, academic prose. More specifically, ESL Academic I (ESL 095) concentrates on increasing fluency, ESL Academic II (ESL 103/104) emphasizes clarity and ESL Academic III (ESL 105/106) focuses on correctness.



The ESL program currently provides language minority students (LMS) with increased option as they strive to improve their mastery of English. (ESL 073-077), a basic program which combines academic and functional language instruction. Students meet for 15 hours per week. Upon completion, students are assessed and determination is made as to whether or not they will transition into the ESL Academic Program.
ESL Intensive English Experience:

  • ESL 073 Culture……….……(3cr.)
  • ESL 074 Listening…………..(3cr.)
  • ESL 075 Speaking………….(3cr.)
  • ESL 076 Reading……….….(3cr.)
  • ESL 077 Writing…………….(3cr.)

The ESL Academic Program is comprised of three levels of language instruction focused on reading and writing. These courses are the following:

  • ESL Academic I: ESL 080/095-ESL Writing I & Grammar (10.5 credits)
  • ESL Academic Writing (ESL 095 – 6.0 cr.) & ESL Grammar (ESL 080–4.5 cr.)
  • ESL Academic II: ESL 103/ESL 104-ESL Writing & Reading II (6 credits)
  • Recommended:
    Voice and Diction (ENG 108) 3 credits
    Forms & Functions of English (ESL 100) 3 credits
    ESL Academic III: ESL 105-ESL Writing & Reading III – 105/106 (6 credits)
  • Recommended:
    ESL Advanced Grammar (ESL 108) 3 cr.
    ESL Accelerated Speaking (ESL 110) 3 cr.

The Division offers an A.A. degree program in Spanish designed to prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions, and non-degree programs in English as a Second Language (ESL). The Division also offers courses in world languages. To supplement the classroom experience, the Bilingual Studies faculty participate in, develop, and support cultural events, organizations, and activities designed to promote feelings of positive cultural awareness among students and the bilingual communities of Essex County. Counseling, tutoring, cooperative education, computer-assisted language learning, and other support services are also available to students.



Contact Information

Division of Bilingual Studies
A. Zachary Yamba Building, Room 1107 (Red Area)
303 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973) 877-3450
Fax: (973) 623-6449

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