The Division encompasses art, cinema, communications, dance, drama, English composition, English literature, history, music, new media technology, philosophy, and speech. The Division offers A.A. and A.S. degree programs transferable to four-year institutions; an A.A.S. and a certificate program in preparation for immediate employment upon graduation, general education courses in art, English, history, and music required for all degree programs, and also developmental courses in reading and writing to assist students who are not yet fully prepared for college-level courses.


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International Women’s Day: March 8th, 2016

The Division of Humanities commemorated International Women’s Day, March 8, 2016. There have been many significant accomplishments by women throughout history in the arts, culture, politics, economics, and the academy. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment however is the role women play in the advancement of humanity. It is our mothers, sisters, wives, best friends, and mentors that provide sustenance in any way possible to help promote a better future. And although women are invested in the development of society, society still places women in inferior positions with regards to pay, rank, and social status.


The Division of Humanities wishes to remind people of the importance of women today and every day. To see the impact women have locally, simply take a look at our own institution. At Essex we have a woman Dean of STEM and Health Sciences, Dr. Jill Stein, a woman Dean of Liberal Arts, Dr. S. Aisha Steplight Johnson, and there are 3 academic division chairwomen, Chair Mamie Bridgeforth (Social Sciences), Chair Eunice Kamunge (Biology & Chemistry), and Dr. Evadne Harrison-Madu (Nursing & Allied Health). Additionally, the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees is Mrs. Bibi Taylor. I am honored to work with such talented women and I am also grateful that Essex recognizes the talents these and many other women faculty and staff possess. All of these great women significantly contribute to the success of our students and our college.


Therefore, after commemorating March 8th, International Women’s Day, I challenge us all to ask ourselves who among us will continue to fight the good fight to bring even greater respect and equality for women around the world. It is our wish that throughout the years, important days like March 8th, International Women’s Day do not go unnoticed. I am privileged to work with such talented and driven women in the Division of Humanities; to them and to all women all women here at Essex, whether you are a student, staff member, part of the faculty, or part of administration, we say a very special “thank you,” “muchísimas gracias,” “muito obrigado,” “merci,” “?ukran/ ????” “tante grazie” and “çok te?ekkür ederiz ” for all that you do today, all that you have done in the past, and for all we know that you will do in the future.


Dr. Rivera
Chairman in the Humanities

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Division of Humanities
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