Mamie Bridgeforth Chairperson Division of Social Sciences
Mamie Bridgeforth
Division of Social Sciences

The Division offers A.S. degree and A.A. degree programs designed to prepare students to transfer to four-year institutions, and A.A.S. degree and certificate programs designed to prepare students for careers in the social sciences immediately upon graduation. For students majoring in Human and Social Services and Education, there is a mandatory internship experience required as part of the curriculum. Students in select programs may earn cooperative education credits for work experience related to academic or career interests. Students who wish to take specific career courses for employment advancement are encouraged to meet with the chairperson of the Division or coordinators of respective programs for assistance in selecting courses that will meet their special needs. The faculty hold advanced degrees, are professionally active, and are also involved in research and publication. They serve on numerous boards and committees, and many are leaders in human service fields, frequently organizing training events for agency networks in the region.







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Division of Social Sciences
A. Zachary Yamba Building, Room 3261 (Yellow Area)
303 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973) 877-3250
Fax: (973) 877-6449

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