The LSAMP Program pairs honors students with other LSAMP students needing additional help in STEM courses. This program provides benefits to both the mentors and the mentees. Tutors are given the opportunity for employment and the experience of teaching, which deepens their knowledge in the sciences. Students being helped are given the opportunity to improve their grades and maintain the higher GPAs needed to transfer to four year colleges and universities. Every year more than 150 students attend tutoring in math and science on a weekly basis. Our studies have shown that 80 % of students who were struggling with a subject at the beginning of a semester pass it successfully after entering the tutoring-mentoring program.


Tutoring is provided in the following disciplines:

  • Pre-Calculus I (MTH 119)
  • Pre-Calculus II (MTH 120)
  • Calculus I (MTH 121)
  • Calculus II (MTH 122)
  • Calculus III (MTH 221)
  • Differential Equations(MTH 222)
  • College Physics I (PHY 101)
  • College Physics II (PHY 102)
  • General Physics I (PHY 103)
  • General Physics II (PHY 104)
  • College Chemistry I (CHM 101)
  • College Chemistry II (CHM 102)
  • General Chemistry I (CHM 103)
  • General Chemistry II (CHM 104)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CHM 203)

If you are interested in either receiving tutoring or becoming a tutor, please contact Dr. Nadia Lvov, ECC LSAMP Project Director, at, 973.877.4428, room 2182 (blue area)