The Department of Special Programs offers a wide range of opportunities and services to eligible individuals. To be eligible, students must be of low-income, first generation college students (neither mother nor father has a bachelor’s degree), veterans, or disabled students. Students who meet the eligibility criteria qualify for tuition-free courses and academic assistance sponsored by the Department of Special Programs. The Special Programs course offerings are limited to the main campus. The following special programs, known as TRIO Programs, are funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education. Inquiries regarding course offerings and special support services should be addressed to the Department of Special Programs.


Student Support Services

Student Support Services provides students with support designed to encourage them to develop their potential through higher education. These services may include tuition-free developmental courses, tutoring, counseling, transfer assistance, and enrichment activities. Students interested in participating should contact the Special Programs Department immediately upon admission.


Talent Search

Talent Search identifies and counsels eligible pre-college students, from sixth grade and up, regarding postsecondary education opportunities. The services are designed to provide opportunities for participants to explore available educational and vocational options. Nationwide college placement assistance, financial aid application assistance, and tutoring are provided.


College Bound Tech

The College Bound Tech provides pre-college middle school students with academic classes in language arts, math, science and technology. The academic year and summer session activities include counseling, tutoring, career and college planning, educational field trips and college campus tours.


Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP)

The MSEIP program provides supplemental activities and academic classes for College Bound middle school students in advanced secondary math, science, technology and engineering. The Construction Trades & Engineering and Amazing Engineers courses were developed through this grant.