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Local Akiwowo Alumni Advisor Associate Director of Development

Rev. Dr. Lola Akiwowo
Alumni Advisor
Associate Director of Development

The Essex County College Alumni Association is deeply committed to supporting the college and its mission.  The members of the Alumni Association represent over 45 years of college history from the many programs and degrees offered at ECC.  One may find members of the alumni family in any professional arena throughout the state and the world.


The main goals of the Alumni Association are

  • to establish and strengthen the bond between the College and the Alumni,
  • to provide a forum for Alumni to come together to exchange ideas and professional expertise,
  • to organize fundraising events to help support the Association, the institution, and deserving students who are in need of scholarships.

Doris Gonzalez, Class of 2007 (ECCAA President)


The Essex County College Alumni Association (ECCAA) boasts an eclectic mix of graduates spanning three decades and covering a broad spectrum of academic disciplines—committed to reaching back and serving a new generation of students with a thirst for knowledge.


We can all look back on our journey and call to mind the invaluable benefits we received as students of Essex County College: the exceptional quality of education, the wise counsel, and the smooth transfer of knowledge, which contributed to the success we now enjoy.  It behooves us, then, to continue in our lifelong commitment to ECC’s growth and well-being.


As an ECC alumnus, I take great pride in advancing the causes important to the institution.  ECC made it possible for me to reap success in my undergraduate studies.  I will always remember my wonderful experience at ECC and promise to serve this great college for as long as I am able.


I am honored to serve as the President of the ECC Alumni Association. I am committed to strengthening the association and building lasting bonds among new and returning alumni. This association provides opportunity for members to cultivate lasting relationships.  Through electronic and social media, ECC strives to provide the means whereby members can stay connected, even across great distances.


We invite you to join the ECC Alumni Association.  Become an active member and help us provide services and opportunities to those who now seek academic success at ECC.  There are a host of exciting events ahead.  Attend the alumni association meetings; visit our website; get involved and help us to grow and strengthen ECC and the Alumni Association.




Doris Gonzalez, Class of 2007
ECCAA President

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Rev. Dr. Lola Akiwowo, Alumni Advisor
Associate Director of Development
Alumni Association
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A. Zachary Yamba Building
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