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NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  Each team must have a maximum of six players on a roster. Four players will play for each team at a time but the game can be started with a minimum of three players. A player may only play on one team. All team members must be listed on your team roster and MUST HAVE AN UPDATED ECC ID. Any team that does not have three players present within five minutes after the scheduled starting time will forfeit the game. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY

ENFORCED LENGTH OF GAME: Playing time shall be two 15 minutes halves with a three minute break between halves. Of the first 13 minutes in each half will be running time; the clock will stop in the last 2 minutes for all whistles. Each team will have three time outs per half and one time out in overtime. PLAY: Play will start with a flip of a coin. The winner chooses to either receive or to defer to the other team. To start play the official must blow the whistle before each down. The offensive team has 10 seconds to run a play after the whistle has blown. The defensive team must count 5 Mississippi before they can rush the Quarterback. While counting the to 5, the defensive player cannot creep in on the quarterback, with the exception of the following; if another offensive player touches the ball, or if the quarterback runs before 5 second count is finished, then the defensive player can rush in. Daring play, if the defensive team intercepts the ball in the end zone, they can take a knee. If they make an attempt to run the ball out of the end zone and their flag is off (taken, or falls off), it will be a safety. Any player that loses their flag while running with the ball will be declared dead at that point.

FIRST DOWNS: the team with the ball will have four downs. To acquire a new set of downs you must pass the yard markers (20, 40, and 20).

KICK OFF: The team with possession of the ball must throw the ball pass the half court line, no one on the offensive team can run before the ball is thrown. Throwing the ball out of bounds or in the ceiling after the half court line will result in the ball being placed at their 40 yard line. The receiving team must recover the ball after the half court line, if not; any team can recover the ball. The defensive team cannot touch the ball before the half court line. If the ball hits the back wall and stays in bounds it will be a live ball, and the first team that picks the ball up will have possession. On the kick-off when the receiving team gets the ball, they must take a knee or it will be a safety.

PERSONAL FOULS: Any act listed below or any other act of unnecessary roughness is a personal foul. All personal fouls will be a 10 yard penalty unsportsmanlike conduct will be an ejection from the game. The following is a list of personal fouls:

  • Punch, strike, strip, or attempt to steal the ball from the player in possession.
  • Trip an opponent
  • Contact an opponent who is on the ground
  • Throw the runner to the ground
  • Contact an opponent either before or after the ball is declared dead
  • Make any contact with an opponent that is deemed unnecessary
  • Deliberately drive or run into a defensive player
  • Position themselves on the shoulder of a teammate or opponent to gain an advantage

  • Tackle the runner
  • Grabbing or holding an opponent
  • Illegal Blocking
  • Stiff Arming (unsportsmanlike conduct)
  • Flag guarding (blocking/hiding flag from opponent)

    THE FLAG BELT: All shirts must be tucked in, and are not permitted to hang over the flag belt. Should a player lose any flag legally or illegally during a play and should that player gain possession of a live ball, that player will be considered down. When the defensive player pulls the flag off they must raise their hand with the flag in it, to let the officials know that the flag was removed.

    GUARDING THE FLAG BELT: Runners shall not guard flag by using any part of the body or ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag belt. Flag guarding includes but is not limited to: · Swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from deflagging. · Placing the ball in possession over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from deflagging. · Lowering the shoulders in such a manner that flag is guarded.

    TIME OUT: There will be 3 time-outs per team, each half. The stop time is 1 minute.  

    OVERTIME: Overtime will be an extra 5 minutes of play with 1 time-out. Any extra after that will be sudden death.

    MERCY RULE: If one team is ahead by 20 points or more at the 2 min mark in the second half of the game, the game will end.

    SCORING: Touchdowns = 6 points, Extra Points (passing) = 2 points, Extra Points (running) = 1 point, and a Touchback is 2 points.

    Schedule will be posted on the Athletic bulletin board. If there are any changes it will be posted there