The Foundations

There are two components of CAF, Mathematics and English. Each component offers personalized tutoring sessions in addition to the primary lectures. The lectures are facilitated by your instructors and the tutoring sessions are taught by student instructors (SIs). The instructors and SIs serve not only as wells of academic information, but also as your connection to the Essex County system, integrating you into the college’s diverse and dynamic experience.

Why tutoring?

Tutoring is a mandatory and supplemental aid designed to provide you with the extra help you need. Tutoring sessions are held for an hour after each session with your instructors. Not only are our tutors excellent students at Essex County College, they are also your peers. Their goal is to energize your interest in learning by making the material enjoyable and easy to understand.

Want more? We have it!

In addition to professors and tutors, the CAF department also provides you with a modern method of learning, the LAB. The LAB sessions will enhance your learning experience through advanced technology. You will enjoy a the time in our computer labs with your entire class working in specially designed programs tailored to suit you and your needs!

Dream of Academic Success?

In order to achieve academic success we ask that you take an active part in your education by :

  • Attending all classes and tutoring sessions.
  • Participating in the classroom.
  • Using all supplemental materials to your advantage
    … and remember, our goal is to help you build a strong academic foundation for your success.