Career Links
Co-op Associations

Career & Occupational Information

The following sites can help you clarify career choices by providing information on career options, education and training needed for those positions, advancement possibilities, earnings potential, and general employment outlook.

Careers in Business
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Wet Feet Press
Job Profiles

These sites offer employer information including webpages of thousands of companies that are on the internet. They are generally good tools to assist with conducting company research.
Employer Research Directories

Hoover’s Handbook On-Line
Thomas Registry of Manufacturers
Employer Directory
The Riley Guide

Other Career Links
(internship listings)
America’s Job Bank
Back Door Jobs
(short-term jobs)
Career Builder
Career Magazine
Job Center
NJ Jobs
True Careers
NJ Employment Information

Co-op Associations

New Jersey Cooperative Education Association (NJCEA)
Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA)
National Commission for Cooperative Education (NCCE)
New England Association for Cooperative Education (NEACEFE)
World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE)>
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