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The career guidance software, Coin provides four separate career centers for students, counselors, staff and faculty to use in exploring career options. The Exploration Center, used most, contains assessments, occupation searches, college searches, and a video library with over 200 occupational videos in English and Spanish that show actual on-the-job footage of job duties. The Planning Center contains a Resume Builder which is helpful in working with students who have never created a resume.


is the leading media company for career information, and is a valuable asset in the CRC’s arsenal of career resources. The VAULT library assists students in researching major companies and industries after they have utilized tools like COIN to determine their career and degree paths. Once the student is sure of which career they will pursue, VAULT can aid in researching the career field in depth, companies that need employees in these fields, and even what it takes to acquire a position within your dream company.

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