The primary function of the Noncredit Enrollment Services Office is to oversee and maintain the Noncredit Registration System for the Community and Continuing Education area and its ancillary operations. It oversees all noncredit course activities as they relate to the Noncredit Registration System and course offerings. Also, this office manages classroom and lab assignments for noncredit programming, oversees the development and approval of new and revised noncredit course offerings; facilitates the development and production of marketing materials that promote noncredit programming to include the area-wide brochure and the College’s website, coordinates the centralized Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate system, responds to internal and external requests for noncredit enrollment and course data; and serves as the lead office for student support services as they relate to admission, registration and general inquiries regarding noncredit course activities.

Contact Information

Maria Alvarado, Director
A. Zachary Yamba Building; Room 4120A
303 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973.877.3106

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