Public Safety Academy
250 Grove Avenue
Cedar Grove, NJ, 07009
(973) 877-4350



A registration form must be signed by the Chief of Police or designee prior to acceptance by the Public Safety Academy and must be received at least one week prior to the class start date.


Class Information

Classroom assignments are posted on the daily activity calendar located at the facility’s entrance.


Course Cancellation

Courses that do not have the minimum number of registrants will be cancelled. Departments will be notified of the course cancellation by fax and/or by phone.



Class attendance is mandatory for certificate consideration and any absence will be reported to the parent agency. If absence is unavoidable, the Academy shall be notified.



Make payments (checks or voucher) for classes where cost is indicated to: Essex County College Public Safety Academy


Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued due to failure of attending the class. Refunds shall be authorized based on a written justification by the agency at east one week prior to the class start date.



Certificates of completion will be issued to personnel who satisfactorily meet the course requirements.


Dress Code

Proper attire, unless otherwise indicted in the course description, is either a departmental uniform or business attire.



The Academy is a smoke-free institution; therefore smoking is not permitted in the building or on the grounds.



No messages(s) will be delivered during class except in an emergency. Messages will be posted on the message board in the main lobby.


Academy phones are restricted to the use of the Academy staff and instructors.


Alcoholic Beverages

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the Academy grounds.



Parking space is limited. State statutes and local ordinances are enforced on the roadways adjacent to the Academy.


General Restrictions

Students are requested not to speak to, or fraternize with, any basic police class or basic corrections class recruit.


Administrative offices are to be entered on official business only.

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