Special Section Designations




M=Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday R=Thursday F=Friday S=Saturday U=Sunday

Section Identifier
001, 002, 003 Day Sections (Main Campus)
0AC, 0BC, 0CC Evening or Saturday Sections (Main Campus)
SP1, SP2 Special Program Day Sections
SPA, SPB Special Program Evening Sections
B01, B02 Bilingual Day Sections (Main Campus)
BAC, BBC Bilingual Evening Sections (Main Campus)
LS1 Late Start Sections (Main Campus)
LW1/LWC Late Start Sections (West Essex Campus)
PS1 PSE&G Sections
KN1, KNA Weekend College Sections (Main Campus)
KW1, KWC Weekend College Sections (West Essex Campus)
RS1 Winter Intersession Sections (Winter Break)
IS1 Independent Study or Private Instruction Section(s)
SCI Science High School Section
IRV Irvington High School Section
CW1, CW2, CW3 West Essex Campus Day Sections
CWC, 2WC West Essex Campus Evening Sections
ICC, IC1, ICA Ironbound Extension Center Section(s)
F01, F02, FAC Focus Extension Center Section(s)
CL1 Clinical Section(s)
LB1 Lab Section(s)
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