Hello Students,
We are constantly looking for ways to add value and offer courses that students want to take; however, when only a few students enroll in a certain class that course, unfortunately, has to be cancelled. This does not necessarily mean you will not be able to take the course you want. Arrangements can still be made to accommodate your needs – consider the following options:


Option 1: See the Divisional Chair to determine if the course can be taken as an Independent Study Course.


Option 2: Take a substitute course in Summer I. Search for a course that will help you fulfill your course requirements and enroll in that class instead.


Option 3: Look to see if another section of the course you want is available in Summer I. The course you want may be offered at a another time.


Option 4: If a course is closed and listed as full, please ask a Divisional Chair if an override is possible or if you can be added to the wait list for the course.


Option 5: Take the course during Summer II. Sign up early! Click here to view the Summer II course schedule »


Option 6: Inquire about taking the course via CLEP, ECC’s Credit by Examination Program. To learn more about CLEP visit: http://www.essex.edu/admissions/testing/clep-info/ or check with the Testing Center/Office


For your reference, the following link lists courses that have been cancelled for Summer 1 2014:
Cancelled Courses List- Summer 1- 2014 »


Our goal is always to try to accommodate those who want to take a certain course. We hope one of the options listed above is successful for you.

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