Professor Pogue with one of her Egyptian photographs
Professor Pogue with one of her Egyptian photographs

Essex County College Art Professor Barbara Pogue has always wanted to travel to Egypt, to see in-person Egyptian art and antiquities. So when she had the opportunity this past summer, she jumped on the “dream of a lifetime.”


So for two weeks, Professor Pogue was part of a small tour group exploring the “Splendors of Egypt” and gathering memories to last a lifetime. “For me as an art professor, I probably enjoy teaching Egyptian art the most.”


Now, the Essex County College community will be able to see a portion of the approximate 150 photos Professor Pogue took on her tour. More than 20 photos will be on display in The Gallery, on the Newark campus, from December 9 to the end of the month. She will host a reception at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 13, at which time she will talk about her trip.


Professor Pogue has shared her photos with her classes. She also plans to display with her photographs some of the black and white cartouche drawings done by her Fundamentals of Art I (ART 103) students. A cartouche is a rope-bound scroll with hieroglyphics of a name, royal in ancient Egypt.


Among the stops on her tour were Cairo, Luxor and Giza. “I had looked at these images for years and now I could see what I had been talking about in my classes. It was overwhelming, but it still felt just right. I really was not surprised by the size, color and depth of these monuments; that just make the experience richer, deeper and more meaningful for me.”


The one down side for Professor Pogue was the 115 degree temperatures she endured on the trip.


Among her photos are familiar color images of the Great Pyramids (one with a pair of camels in the foreground) and the iconic Great Sphinx. The statue of the Pharaoh Djoser graces another photo, along with many other sites.


The only image to be displayed with Professor Pogue in it is one at the base of one of the great Pyramids. “This image shows the tremendous size of the Pyramid. The base stones came up to my ear; it’s incredible,” she marveled.


Over the years, Professor Pogue has travelled to England, Ireland France, Italy and Greece in Europe, as well as Turkey.


Now that Egypt has been crossed off her bucket list, where does she want to go now? “I would like to go back to Egypt, but probably not until they restore the old Cairo Museum,” she said with little hesitation.


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