The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) students took advantage of October being Physical Therapy Month and offered what they have been learning in class to the rest of the College on October 23.

“With it being Physical Therapy Month, we are bringing awareness to our program (A.A.S. degree) and it’s also fun,” said Nolan Panzica, who also serves as PTA sophomore class president. He was manning the vertical jump station on the 2nd Floor Forum.

“Try it again,” Nolan urged one student as he took the jump challenge, straining for the rotating markers located near the top of a pole. After several attempts, Nolan told him he had reached 27 inches in the vertical jump.

Nupur Patel was overseeing how one’s balance reacts to uneven surfaces. She watch as students were tossing a ball while perched atop varying surfaces. “It is good to test your balance, and this is a fun way to do so,” she noted.

Gabrielle Ahrens and Ken Plocharski were kept busy strapping volunteers into a suit that simulates the body’s aging process. Gabrielle explained that the special suit stiffens joints in different parts of the body. “After this, you will want to really take care of your body,” she said.

Gabrielle said mostly students were putting on the suit as College employees watched. “I think they are afraid of us,” she laughed.

The PTA program, offered through the College’s Division of Nursing & Allied Health, is led by Coordinator Dr. Christine Stutz-Doyle. Faculty members are Thomas Donofrio and Kenneth Mailly.

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