Faculty who teach CSS listen to Dean Keith Kirkland

The for-credit College Success Seminar (CSS) course at Essex County College is required of all students. Due to the importance of this course, the College held this month an all-day CSS Training program for some 100 full-time faculty and adjuncts who will teach the class this fall.


“Student success starts with all of you here today,” said Dr. Keith Kirkland, Dean of Essex’s Office of Student Affairs.


Essex uses the text Keys to Community College Success in the course. Co-author Carol J. Carter, of the Denver-based GlobalMindedED, addressed the predominately adjunct faculty members who will be teaching the course next month.

From left: Dean Keith Kirkland, Business Division Professor Germaine Albuquerque, CSS Coordinator Luis Padin, College President Dr. Anthony E. Munroe, CSS textbook co-author Carol J. Carter, Business Division Chair Dr. Augustine Boakye, and Dean of Business, Industry and Government Carlos Rivera.

“CSS serves to help motivate students in order to further enhance their abilities so that they can create a better future for themselves,” Ms. Carter said. She added that it is important for two-year college students, many of whom are the first generation in their families to attend college, to see role models in their classes.


Professor Luis Paden, Essex’s CSS Coordinator, said the August 9 training session covered a wide spectrum of topics faculty can expect to address when teaching course. He added that the course emphasizes self-assessment, self-management, and the development of life skills, goal-directed behavior, and effective study habits. These are all topics which the first semester student can expect as he or she proceeds through college.


Essex President Dr. Anthony E. Munroe told the course instructors that he has a deep appreciation for the CSS course. “And all of you are a part of the journey which our new students will be taking soon. I ask you to focus on our mission of open access. All are welcome here, it’s our responsibility to them.”


Ms. Carter said the textbook has been published in a variety of foreign languages, emphasizing the important of the course to freshmen.


Pearson Education, Inc. training representatives Danielle Hagey, Nikki Weissman and Michael Trinchetto also attended the Essex training program. Pearson is the publisher of the textbook.


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