Programming produced by the College’s Media Production & Technology (MPT) Department is now just a click away on your computer or mobile device. The Department has started streaming the Essex County College TV station online through its Livestream account. The official link is


“During our filming of events, people frequently ask me how they can watch the program,” said MPT Manager of Production Services Victoria Timpanaro.  “Now I can tell them they can watch on their computer or other device.”


MPT has been filming and producing College programming since its inception in the mid-1970s. But until now, viewing was limited to what cable provider people used. For years it was the old Suburban Cable service, and later either Cablevision or Fios, depending on where the viewer lived.


MPT Chief of Operations Eugene Jackson said prior to the launch this summer of the streaming service, Fios users had to live in Essex County, while cable watchers were limited to Newark and several surrounding municipalities.


“Another bonus is that we have many students living outside of the old coverage area, plus a lot of people are cutting the cable cord. Now they can still see the programming they want,” said Ms. Timpanaro.


MPT records campus events and produces the regularly scheduled shows The Pulse with Dr. Akil Khalfani, Director of the Africana Institute, and Performing Arts Showcase with Music Professor Richard Alston. It also works on the student-produced City of Poets through Communications Professor Jennifer Wager. MPT has also worked over the years with the Newark Public Schools on various programming.


“Since we started streaming, we have received a lot of positive feedback on social media and from our other community college partners; it’s definitely a step up,” said Ms. Timpanaro.


The Essex County College TV schedule is at



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