In September of 1968, Essex County College opened its doors and began 50 years of continuous educational service and community partnerships. With the 2017 – 2018 academic year now well underway, the staff and faculty remain focused on addressing Middle States matters while continuing to expand the College’s academic offerings and improving student services.


Essex County College met the deadline of September 1, 2017 for the submission of a monitoring report and, on October 5 – 6, a small team representing the Middle States Commission on Higher Education will undertake a follow-up visit to the College. The report and the upcoming visit addresses deficiencies in the three standards cited by the agency (Institutional Resources, Leadership & Governance, and Student Admission & Retention).


The College has remained fully accredited, with warning, throughout the Middle States review process.


Serving as the College’s president since only June 1, Dr. Anthony E. Munroe has worked tirelessly on the crucial Middle States situation. Under his guidance and direction, Essex has quickly instituted a corrective action plan to ensure compliance and timely submission of financial audits as has historically been done in the past.



Also of importance is a communication from President Munroe to the members of the Board of Trustees over the Labor Day holiday. He shared news of the United States Department of Education’s decision to accept the College’s appeal of the citation resulting from the College’s late FY 16 financial audit submission. He said the College “is grateful” the Department accepted the appeal “considering the seriousness of the situation and the potential negative impact on the College and our students.” These potential sanctions would have had major consequences on the College’s ability to participate in Title IV federal financial aid programs and threatened its very existence.



In response to the news, Dr. A. Zachary Yamba, who served as Essex County College’s president for 30 years and continues to be an active supporter of the institution, remarked, “This is indeed good news for the College, its students and President Munroe. I am very confident that with continued support, President Munroe can bring much needed improvement to the College’s operations.”





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