David DiPasquale

For his sixth solo exhibit, artist David DiPasquale selected both a large and certainly heavily trafficked venue for his paintings. The Essex County College (ECC) Adjunct Art Professor currently has 11 of his paintings on display at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, billed as the “nation’s largest” such facility.


Professor DiPasquale’s acrylic on canvas paintings vary in in size from 18”x72” to 34”x26” and pretty much everywhere in between. “My paintings deal with the spiritual, otherworldly qualities of light in a landscape of the ideal,” said Professor DiPasquale, who has taught at ECC for 11 years. “I explore these ideas using a rich palette and I am equally concerned with the presentation of a uniquely textured surface.”


The paintings can be viewed now through July 30 at the terminal. They are located near the 8th Avenue side of the bus terminal, west of the ticket windows in the north wall display windows gallery.

Gallery at Port Authority Bus Terminal

How was this venue selected? “Several years ago I was at the terminal on my to the West Essex campus when I saw the gallery installation winds. I thought that would be a nice location for me.” So after a discussion with the Port Authority public relations office, he was promised month-long space in the gallery.


The paintings on display were done over the past 10 years. “I selected these paintings because they work so well together, playing off each other. I see them as idealized spiritual landscapes.”


In 2009, Professor DiPasquale displayed his paintings in the ECC Gallery. He has also had several solo shows in galleries both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He has also had a show at Pratt Institute, where he earned his Master’s in Fine Arts. He has an undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College.

One of the paintings on display

At Essex County College, courses taught by Professor DiPasquale include \ ART 100 (Art Appreciation), ART 107 (Drawing), and ART 108 (Life Drawing). He has also taught painting, drawing, design and art history at Dowling College, SUNY College at Old Westbury, and Pratt Institute.


Professor DiPasquale has drawn and painted “since as long as I can remember.”


The artist characterizes his paintings as “existing on the cusp of what is seen and what is felt. Densely worked, they afford the viewer an air of mystery in their relative ambiguity.”

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