The Auspicious Day

The Gallery is the current site for a series of paintings “Inside China” created by Artist Theresa DeSalvio. Her exhibit of 13 paintings is presented by the Essex County College Honors Program.


The artist will be on campus in The Gallery Tuesday, September 12 at 4:15 p.m., and Thursday, September 14, 2:40 p.m., to talk about her works. These will be free presentations. The Gallery is located on the 2nd Floor, Newark campus.


”I began these large-scale paintings after visiting Beijing in November 2009.  This crowded and vibrant city, steeped in tradition, is rapidly changing into a modern metropolis.  My paintings attempt to capture the spirit of the people as China transforms itself,”DeSalvio said.


“During my visit, I photographed people as well as important historic and architectural sites.  These paintings are based on observation, photographs and imagination as well as the formal concerns of composing a dynamic image.  The impetus for these paintings is my fascination with people, culture and tradition.”


All her paintings in this exhibit are done in oil paint on Arches 1,000-pound rag paper, 40”x60”.


Ms. DeSalvio said she uses “simplified space and bold color” to create what she describes as “narrative paintings.” One of her other series of paintings, Tales, was adapted into the book and film “Tales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction.”


She earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Hunter College, part of the City University of New York system, and her undergraduate degree from the School of Visual Arts, in New York.


The College’s Honors program is under the direction of Dr. Ladylease White and Professor Jean-Wilner Alexandre.




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