PTA students

As the Spring semester winds down, Essex County College students have been busy in the community.


Recently, a group of first year Physical Therapist Assistant students participated in a community service activity today at Sunrise Assisted Living Sunrise Senior Living at West Essex (Fairfield), where they provided information to 30 residents regarding the benefits of physical therapy, and conducted a group exercise class to maintain health and wellness.


PTA students

Student volunteers included Sandra Carolan (who also works at the facility), Liz Faccas, Eli Bisgeier, Steve Rullis, Steven Bucholz, Melissa O’Selmo, and Will Sawick.


Meanwhile, Professor Jennifer Wager recently took her Communications and New Media Technology students to visit the 50,000 square foot Ironbound Film & TV Studios, where various Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) and the Food Channel shows, as well as some films, are created.


The students were given a tour of the studio by Ken Gifford, Executive Director of the Newark Office of Film and TV and founder of the Newark International Film Festival. On the day of their visit, the students saw the set-up for filming of Paramount’s Inked.

Communications and New Media students


Participating on the tour (to which Professor Wager takes students each semester) were Kendric Andrews, Vanessa Da Silva, Chantel Bell-Covington, Diane Asante, Dominick Rives, Cheyenne Cesar, Rodgrigo Flores, and Kyrell Downing.


Professor Wager noted that some students said they were interested in interning with the studio and at the festival.



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