New LMS Leads to Full Online Courses in Fall 2013

Two contracts awarded for the College’s Learning Management System (LMS) will allow for the first fully online courses at ECC this fall.  The 100% online courses will be across several disciplines such as business and math, and will be classes that do not require an accompanying lab. The eLearning LMS continues to support the current hybrid distance learning and technology enhanced learning for the traditional classroom environment.

“We’ve been looking for speed and flexibility in terms of faculty managing their classes,” said Dr. Edwin Knox, Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The new LMS (replacing one implemented more than three years ago and underused by faculty) will use a two-prong approach that will provide for a management component (such as grades and syllabi) and a teaching component (such as chat rooms, virtual lessons and blogs).  The companies performing the LMS work are Engrade, Inc. of Santa Monica, California, with a $69,000 contract, and Moodlerooms, Inc., of Baltimore with a $17,350 contract.   The entire new system will be in place for the Fall semester.

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