Computer Replacement Program Replenishes Inventory

ECC’s Board of Trustees awarded a $492,733 contract to Dell Marketing, Round Rock, Texas, for 550 personal computers (PCs) that is targeted for use in Information Technology’s (IT) computer replacement plan.

“Each year, IT replaces 25 percent of computers for both academic and administrative purposes, creating a continuous cycle of upgrading the College’s computers,” said Mohamed Seddiki, Executive Dean/Chief Information Officer of Administrative & Learning Technologies.  “Each year, area heads determine which computers to update; IT receives the inventory list, and then replaces the outdated machines.”

New computers are deployed to Academic Computing Labs based on the computer needs of the labs as developed in each division by the chair and faculty. At no time is any computer in the computer labs is more than three years old.  The trustees also approved a contract in the amount of $130,770.81, also to Dell, for Dell PowerEdge components to upgrade the academic computing network infrastructure and application servers.

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