9 Trainings in 2 Months for ECC’s Corporate and Business Training

The New Jersey Family Care Training is offered statewide through a partnership with NJ State Governor’s Office, Civil Service Commission, Department of Health Services and the New Jersey Community College Consortium.  As a program participant, ECC’s Corporate and Business Training (CBT) has scheduled nine New Jersey Family Care Training classes since October 2013, and trained 106 participants.

“With the State’s largest number of community-based organizations, Essex County is expected to receive a large response to this statewide initiative,” said Maureen Behr, Director of ECC’s CBT.  “In anticipation of the high client demand, CBT has requested to schedule another 16 training classes through the end of March 2014.”

The Consortium’s expected project revenue of $432,000 will be shared among the State’s colleges.  The project is expected to continue for almost one year.

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