WISE Women’s Center: Not Singing the Blues


“Handling The Holiday Blues,” a workshop in the continuing series of lunchtime monthly events hosted by WISE Women’s Center, was held on November 20.   The workshop presented by Denise Sanders Brooks, WISE Coordinator, was offered as a collaborative effort between WISE and ECC’s Human Resources Department for employees as well as students.

“The holiday blues are periods of depression or sadness associated with activities or events occurring during the holiday season,” noted Ms. Sanders Brooks.  “Mood changes, unrealistic expectations, over-commercialization, financial stress, anxiety, fatigue, overeating, overdrinking, loneliness, loss of loved ones, and unresolved relationship conflicts can affect our ability to cope with personal, career, academic and holiday related activities and responsibilities.”

Workshop attendees were encouraged to fight back the blues by being honest about their feelings and realistic in how they can contribute to the holiday celebrations.  In addition, the speakers advised attendees to speak to their doctor about the feelings they may experience, if necessary.

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