The Financial Aid Office awards funds from federal and state sources in the form of grants, scholarships and employment or a combination of all three. Applicant eligibility and program guidelines are determined by federal and state regulations. Applicants must meet general requirements for receiving aid, be in good academic standing, must have a high school diploma or GED, or successfully completed homeschooling. The financial aid process is detailed in the following steps below:

Step 1: Apply For Admission to Essex County College

Apply for Admissions and complete all of the Admissions Processes (Placement Test, Registration, before you apply for aid. Click here to apply online to Essex County College or click here to print the admissions application.

Step 2: Activate your Essex County College Student Login

Go to to activate your access to the Essex County College Student Portal.

Step 3: Complete the FAFSA online

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA must be completed to determine your student aid eligibility based on your personal and family situation. Apply online at If you are a first-time user, you and your parent (if you are a dependent student) must create an FSA ID with the Department of Education at You and your parent (if dependent), will use the FSA ID to “electronically sign” the FAFSA and other federal forms.


To simplify the financial aid application process, we recommend that you use the data retrieval tool while completing the FAFSA to transfer your financial information from the IRS directly into the FAFSA.


Note: Be sure to list Essex County College’s School Code: 007107 on your FAFSA.


Be sure to complete the questions on the FAFSA to qualify for State Aid funds (TAG and EOF) from the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA). The state questions will appear at the end of the FAFSA, so make sure you answer those questions before you exit your FAFSA application online.


Once the FAFSA application has been received by Essex County College (3-5 business days), you can complete the following steps through the Student Portal under the Financial Aid tab.


Step 4: Submit all required Financial Aid documents and forms.

You may be required to complete or submit additional documents and/or forms before your financial aid can be processed and awarded. Any required documents or forms will be listed on the Financial Aid tab of your Essex County College Student Portal. You must login to to view your financial aid status.


Step 5: Complete the Financial Aid Process.

Check the Essex County College Student Portal at for your financial aid status. If you have been awarded aid, the funds awarded and the amounts will be on your Award Letter. At that time, the financial aid process is complete and no further action is necessary.


Financial Aid Application Deadline:
The Priority Processing Deadline for all students is May 1st. Students should complete the financial aid process no later than 30 days before your intended program start date. This deadline also includes submission and approval of any additional required documents by the Financial Aid Office. Failure to complete the process or submit the required documents will result in a delay in funding and may affect having funding in place by your start date. Please review the important deadline dates at


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