Financial Aid funds cannot be awarded for courses that do not count toward your major. The courses listed on as “NO” do not meet the program requirements for your major. This requirement applies only to students receiving financial aid funds.


Actions you must take to correct a “NO” before the end of the registration period.


  • Go to Log into your account with your ECC ID Number and Password, locate and click on the “Course of Study” button to view the courses marked as “NO”.
  • Refer to the Online College Catalog or review your Degree Evaluation for your major requirements. Advisement is available through the academic department of your major.
  • Make sure your major is listed correctly in our system.
  • Adjust your registration during the Add/Drop Period to make sure you are registered for courses required for your major.
  • If you feel the course is mark “NO” in error or if an adjustment is necessary for your Degree Evaluation, report to the Enrollment Services Office and complete a “Course Requirement Form”. Enrollment Services will evaluate and determine your status.

NOTE: If you maintain the course(s) listed as “NO”, you are solely responsible for any outstanding charges from your own resources.

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