As a student you have the right to:

  • Be informed about financial aid application procedures, cost of attendance, and requirements for receiving aid.
  • Confidential protection of your financial aid records. The contents of your financial aid file are maintained in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

You have the responsibility to:

    • Complete applications correctly, accurately, and on time.
    • Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
    • Read and understand all materials sent to you from the Financial Aid Office and other federal and state agencies.
    • Know and comply with the rules and regulations governing aid programs.
    • Register for the number of credits required to receive funds from the aid programs.
    • Attend all classes.
    • Notify the Financial Aid Office of changes in your credit load.
    • Maintain copies of all forms and materials submitted.
    • Notify the office of any additional scholarships, waivers, or other aid being received.
    • Request assistance from the Financial Aid Office if you have questions or do not understand the information provided to you.
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