The Media Center makes every effort to accommodate all requests it receives, but resources are limited to the equipment that is available. Therefore, it is imperative that all requests are received at least THREE WORKING DAYS prior to the day the equipment and/or services are needed. Please keep in mind that a request made at the last minute holds no guarantee that the equipment will be available, or does it guarantee timely delivery of equipment.


Once the request is received, a confirming copy (yellow) will be sent to the requestor as proof that the Center has received and scheduled the request. Additionally, if your request is sent via email, an email confirming your request has been received and scheduled will also be sent. The Center’s policy is to have requested equipment delivered and set-up for use at the beginning of a class and/or event. Please call the Director with any questions or comments regarding your equipment delivery. In addition, if you discover that equipment fails to work, please inform the Director so that repair arrangements can be made promptly.


Video/Audio Duplication

The duplication of copyrighted material (videos, audiocassettes, DVDs or CDs) is a violation of federal law. Faculty wishing videotapes, audiotapes, DVDs and/or CDs to be copied must complete a duplication request form and a duplication certification form, releasing the college from any liability stemming from the duplication of copyrighted material. The personal and professional protection is to seek prior written permission from the parties owning the rights to the materials for personal use at any time. The Director of the Center reserves the rights to reject any duplication request that is not for instructional purposes.


Submitting a Request

When submitting media to the center to be duplicated, it is important that the original is of the highest possible quality. Therefore, when recording a video of a program, make sure the standard speed (SP) is used for the original recording. While slower speed recording offers more recording time, it reduces the total picture quality that will only worsen with your copies. All video camcorders in the center record at SP speed. If you should provide us with EP or SLP originals, we may have to delay the delivery of your copies as much as 5 to 7 working days.


Please allow at least THREE WORKING DAYS to complete your duplication requests. Because of our workload, “rush orders” are extremely difficult to accommodate.


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