Dr. Augustine A. Boakye

When Dr. Augustine A. Boakye, Chair of the College’s Business Division, was asked to speak at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, in Orange, he knew that was the perfect opportunity to tout the benefits of ECC.


So on May 13, Dr. Boakye’s topic to the church congregation was “The Importance of Higher Education. What are my Options?” A major theme of his talk was for residents to consider Essex County College as their number one choice to begin their higher education journey. He said that people should be aware of the cost of education and students taking on too much loan debt, noting Essex has lower tuition than surrounding four year schools.


“I discussed some of the benefits associated with higher education and starting at Essex, including our open access, small class size, faculty mentoring and flexible schedules,” said Dr. Boakye. “I also told the congregation, especially the young people, to take higher education seriously.”


Dr. Boakye was accompanied by Professor Ekem Karl-Agbee, Coordinator of the Business Division’s Participation, Retention and Completion Track. Both Dr. Boakye and Professor Karl-Agbee spent time with the congregation answering individual questions and sharing some of the opportunities available at ECC with the prospective college students.


The Rev. Ernestina J. Gakpo is church pastor.



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