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Essex Students Big Hit at Liberty Science Center

The Essex County College’s Essex Chemical Society (the College’s Chemistry Club) took center stage recently at Liberty Science Center in celebration of National Chemistry Week. The students demonstrated two experiments at the popular science venue in Jersey City as part of the ChemExpo 2019 competition, sponsored by the North Jersey American Chemical Society Section.

The students’ work did not go unnoticed by the ChemExpo coordinator. The College earned the “People’s Choice Award,” based on the creativity and popularity of the students’ activity dubbed “Makey Makey.”

The students were at the Center on October 19.

Dr. Nidhal Marashi, advisor to the Essex Chemical Society, explained that the” Makey Makey” process allows everyday objects, such as lemons or bananas, when combined with the Internet to become computer touchpads. The “People’s Choice Award” was created and presented to the Essex students for this special activity, said the ChemExpo coordinators.

Dr. Marashi, an Essex County College Chemistry professor, said the second demonstration utilized one of the visions of famed inventor Nikola Tesla, which creates electricity through electrostatics forces.

The National Chemistry Week Theme for this year was the metals, which both the student activities utilized in their popular demonstrations.

“I’m so proud of our students,” said Dr. Marashi. She noted that they were competing with such local four-year institutions as NJIT, Rutgers University, Seton Hall University, NJCU and Drew University.

Essex Chemical Society students participating were Chapter President Angela Gonzales, Mason Counts, Natasha Robbins, Magdalene Hug-Tay, Karen Reyes, Maria Acteopan, and Farrad West.