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Growing Opportunities for Energy Career Students

From left: Tesla representatives James Armstrong, Brian Malloy, Martha Farag, John Espinola, and Alia Ansari, and Training, Inc.’s Cathy Skelley and Astrid Borkowski’

When representatives from Tesla recently visited students in Essex County College’s Energy Career Program, they brought a little something for “show and tell.” The students in the program, operated by the College’s Training, Inc. department, won’t soon forget the $100,000 Tesla they spent a few minutes admiring.

But Tesla was on campus for a more practical purpose, telling the students about the careers they are preparing for in the rapidly growing sustainable energy field. “These careers are in sustainable energy, which is the main focus of our four month program,” said Mitra Choudhury, Director of the College’s Training, Inc. program. “This is very specialized instruction,” she added.

Director Choudhury said the 24 students in the program attend class four hours a day. Most are in their 20s and 30s. She said the students are looking to upgrade their skills to either advance in their current positons or to seek new career opportunities.

Tesla, with local facilities in Short Hills and Springfield, is one of several area companies meeting with the Energy Career Program students during the current cycle. Representatives from Newark’s Covanta Essex, a sustainable waste management and clean energy solutions company, has also talked to the students with more visits from other companies scheduled, said Director Choudhury.

Cathy Skelley, Training, Inc. Coordinator, said Tesla offers opportunities in such areas as software design, operations, energy storage, system installation and system design.

The Tesla guests told the students how CEO Elon Musk’s company is developing more energy efficient cars and solar shingles for homes, said Astrid Borkowski, Training, Inc. Job Developer. She added that the students were provided with information on applying to the company. “Our office will coordinate any job leads.”