Course Number & Name:  CIN 101 Introduction to the Art of Film

Credit Hours:  3.0               Contact Hours:  3.0            Lecture:  3.0                   Lab:  N/A             Other:  N/A

Prerequisites:  Grades of “C” or better in RDG 096 and ENG 096 or ESL 105 AND ESL 106 or placement
Concurrent Courses:

Course Description:  This is an introductory course designed to acquaint students with the art of film and to enable them to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of this important medium. The course covers the history of cinema, various cinematic theories and genres, and profiles of the industry’s most influential directors.

General Education Goals: CIN 101 is affirmed in the following General Education Foundation Category: Humanistic Perspective.  The corresponding General Education Goal is as follows:  Students will analyze works in the field of art, music, or theater; literature; and philosophy and/or religious studies; and will gain competence in the use of a foreign language.  CIN 101 also addresses the General Education Integrated Course Goal: Information Literacy, which is as follows: Students will address an information need by locating, evaluating, and effectively using information.

<!–Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. recognize and describe the historical development of film as an art form;
  2. analyze types and genres of films as they vary across time, culture and cinematic traditions;
  3. utilize film analysis terminology involving form, storytelling and narrative elements to evaluate their function within film; and
  4. acquire, evaluate and cite print and online information sources about films and film criticism.


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