Course Number & Name: CSC 225 Data Structures

Credit Hours:  4.0             Contact Hours:  4.0          Lecture:  4.0       Lab:  N/A             Other:  N/A

Prerequisites:  Grade of “C” or better in CSC 122
Concurrent Courses:

Course Description: This course is designed to present the fundamentals of data structures from an object-oriented perspective. The course introduces students to the design and implementation of abstract data types using an object-oriented programming language. The course includes introduction to algorithm analysis, recursion, and internal and external sorting/searching methods. The fundamental concepts of inheritance and virtual functions are also examined. Students are required to complete a series of programming projects that demonstrate their understanding of lecture topics.

<!–Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. construct object-oriented applications using ADT;
  2. design applications, which implement various searching and sorting algorithms;
  3. construct dynamic and static data structures within an application; and
  4. apply the basic principles of object-oriented programming.


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