Course Number & Name:  CJI 201 Patrol Administration

Credit Hours:  3.0            Contact Hours:  3.0          Lecture:  3.0       Lab:  N/A             Other:  N/A

Prerequisites: Grade of “C” or better in CJI 101 or placement
Concurrent Courses:

Course Description:  This course examines in detail the primary police functions and their objectives. It analyzes administrative planning of patrol activities, requirements for their effective execution, and the allocation of patrol strength to meet specific needs and emergencies.

<!–Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. explain the history and evolution of police organizational structure theory and practice;
  2. describe the characteristics of effective patrol;
  3. identify and define common terms associated with patrol administration;
  4. analyze the structure and organization of a police agency, distinguishing between the different functions;
  5. evaluate issues of police leadership;
  6. analyze the impact of societal diversity on law enforcement organization and administration;
  7. explain the ethical responsibilities of law enforcement professionals;
  8. demonstrate critical thinking skills within the context of evaluating the complexity of criminal justice administration issues; and
  9. communicate effectively with accurate ‘criminal justice’ terminology in written and/or oral form.


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