Course Number & Name:  ENR 103 Engineering Graphics and Introduction to CAD

Credit Hours:  2.0             Contact Hours:  3.0          Lecture:  1.0       Lab:  2.0                Other:  N/A

Prerequisites:  Grades of “C” or better in ENR 100
Concurrent Courses:

Course Description: This course covers the fundamentals of engineering graphics including the drawing of orthographic, isometric, and auxiliary projections. Other topics include scaling, sectioning, dimensioning, and drawing documentation.  This course uses the latest release of computer-aided design (CAD) software commonly used in industry to introduce students to CAD interface, structure, and commands.

<!–Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. explain and apply the basics of blueprint reading, preparation and detailing of technical drawings, drawing scale, title block, revision block, additional notes, etc.;
  2. utilize free-hand sketching and basic drafting instruments in geometric construction;
  3. employ shape description and drawing preparation techniques of multi-view orthographic projection and 3D visualization using isometric, oblique, and perspective views created via instrumental drafting techniques;
  4. apply shape description and drawing preparation techniques through the creation of parametric 3D solid models using Inventor software in order to prepare detailed drawings which contain all necessary dimensions and annotations, including geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T); and
  5. use additional shape description tools of sectioning, auxiliary, detail, break, and broken-out views to complete shape description in order to create the assembly of many components of the design object and generate exploded assembly and bill of materials.


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