Course Number & Name:  PLS 105 Torts

Credit Hours:   3.0            Contact Hours:   3.0         Lecture:   3.0      Lab:   N/A            Other:   N/A

Concurrent Courses:  Grade of “C” or better in ENG 101 and PLS 101

Course Description: This course covers the principles of tort law, its application in commonly faced situations in law practice, and the role of the paralegal in the preparation of a tort claim.  Emphasis is placed on negligence and the defenses to negligence.  The course also examines the role of the paralegal, the Code of Professional Ethics, and other related standards of proper conduct.

<!–Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. discuss and examine the codes of professional conduct;
  2. describe tort law;
  3. identify, define, and describe intentional torts;
  4. identify and explain defenses to intentional torts;
  5. identify, describe, and explain the tort of negligence;
  6. identify and describe the element of duty;
  7. identify and describe the element of breach of duty under negligence law;
  8. identify and describe the concept of proximate cause;
  9. identify, define, and describe the concept of damages;
  10. identify, define, and describe the defenses to negligence;
  11. discuss and examine the tort of strict liability and products liability;
  12. identify, define, and describe defamation;
  13. define, discuss, and examine malpractice; and
  14. identify, define, and describe fraud, misrepresentation, and business torts.


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