Course Number & Name:  PTA 101 Fundamentals of Physical Therapist Assisting I

Credit Hours:  5.0             Contact Hours:  15.0       Lecture:  3.0               Lab:  6.0        Other:  N/A

Prerequisites:  Admission to the PTA program
Concurrent Courses: 

Course Description: This course is designed to orient the student to the role of the Physical Therapist Assistant and some of the duties involved therein. It covers the history of Physical Therapy, philosophy, duties, patient psychology, and ethics. Students learn about the relationship and placement of Physical Therapy in today’s medical picture.  Fundamentals of body structure, osteology, and kinesiology are stressed throughout.  Students practice patient positioning, draping, transfers, therapeutic massage, and are also introduced to therapeutic exercises.  Students learn via laboratory work and practice sessions in class.

<!–Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. examine and define the role, responsibilities and duties of the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) within the Health Care System. The student will apply all state and federal laws in daily practice;
  2. explain, perform and demonstrate body mechanics, positioning, draping and transfers in the neurological, orthopedic, and medically impaired patient population.  In addition, the student will demonstrate proper and appropriate peer education in performance of same;
  3. utilize appropriate behavior when dealing with all issues pertaining to the patient and family;
  4. identify  osteology, myology and functional anatomy to include all landmarks, origins, insertions and innervations, as well as demonstrate basic knowledge of levers, pulleys, force couples and posture;
  5. describe and perform all range of motion techniques in order to describe plans and positions for treatment;
  6. describe and perform all therapeutic massage techniques; and
  7. recognize when  to modify an intervention in accordance with changes in patient/client status within the scope of the plan of care that has been established by the physical therapist.


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