Course Number & Name:  SOC 229 Human and Social Services Internship Seminar I

Credit Hours:  3.0             Contact Hours:  3.0          Lecture:  3.0                       Lab:  N/A             Other:  N/A

Prerequisites:  Grade of “C” or better in SOC 111 or permission of the instructor
Concurrent Courses: Grade of “C” or better in SOC 228

Course Description: Students discuss and analyze situations encountered in their internship placement, receive specialized training in their professional specialization, and are instructed in how to prepare to enter the career market in human and social services.  Separate sections are offered for students pursuing careers in social work, mental health, alcoholism/substance abuse, mental health and social work.

<!–Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. explain expectations of students in seminar class and the field placement agency;
  2. identify, describe, and discuss human service agencies including personnel policies and procedures, departments, staff, supervisory positions, and population served;
  3. explain the communication system used at the field placement agency;
  4. apply ethical principles that guide professional practice at the human service agency;
  5. identify and describe the needs of clients and related available community resources; and
  6. describe the characteristics of a culturally competent helper and how these practices are implemented with clients.


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