Course Number & Name:  OPH 203 Contact Lens I

Credit Hours:  3.0             Contact Hours:  3.0          Lecture:  3.0       Lab:  N/A             Other:  N/A

Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Vision Care program. Grade of “C” or better in OPH 124 and OPH 127
Concurrent Courses: Grade of “C” or better in OPH 201

Course Description:   This course provides an introduction to contact lenses.  Topics include: The history of contact lenses, lens materials, the anatomy and physiology of the cornea, corneal topography and its relation to lens design.  Instruction will include use of the Keratometer and Slit Lamp as well as the procedures required in the design and inspection of hard contact lenses.

<!–Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. discuss the history of and the materials from which contact lens are made;
  2. use contact lens equipment and apply their functions to the patient;
  3. successfully fit contact lens to a patient; and
  4. name and describe the various types of corneal pathologies and how various pharmaceuticals are prescribed.


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