Certificate of Completion in Digital Media and Electronic Publishing

Division of Humanities — Curriculum Code: 3071

Will Earn Upon Program Completion: Certificate of Completion


Why major in Digital Media and Electronic Publishing?

This certificate program prepares individuals for employment in professional positions in desktop publishing, advertising graphics, video editing, and digital production. The skills developed in the courses prepare students for employment at specialized printing companies, multimedia production centers, and digital media companies. The program has been created in accordance with the standards established by the Electronic Imaging Printing Industry Association and also the National Voluntary Skills Standards for Pre-press/Imaging in the Graphics Communication Industry.

If I major in Digital Media and Electronic Publishing, can I transfer to an upper-division college or university?

Courses earned as part of certificate programs can be applied toward associate degrees at ECC. Most or all credits earned in certificate programs that are applied to associate degree programs transfer to four-year institutions. See an academic advisor or counselor for more information.

Are there any requirements I must satisfy before I start taking courses?


How long will it take for me to complete this program?

If you follow the recommended sequence of courses and register for 6 credits each semester/session, it should take you three semesters or two semesters and one summer session, to complete the certificate of completion.

Where should I direct specific questions about this program?

Call the Program Coordinator at (973) 877-1937.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of visual design and media technology fundamentals;
  • Describe and apply fundamental theories, practices, and appropriate elements of computer applications of presentation graphics; and
  • Use a variety of industry-standard design software programs to produce graphic design for print and web-based media.



(12 credits)

ART 161 Computer-Enhanced Layout and Design (3 credits)
ART 167 Introduction to Computer Art (3 credits)
ART 168 Desktop Publishing/Presentation Graphics (3 credits)
ART 169 Advanced Computer Graphics (3 credits)



(6 credits)

Choose two additional art courses from one of the options given below.

Courses that emphasize Electronic Pre-Press Publishing – ART 160  Electronic Mechanicals/Pre-Press Production and ART 170  Basic Webpage Design (two 3-credit courses)


Courses that emphasize Digital Media – ART 163 Digital Video Graphic Design and ART 171 Cyberspace Graphics and Beginning Animation (two 3-credit courses)

Total Credits Required for Certificate of Completion: 18


First Semester
ART 167  Introduction to Computer Art (3 credits)
ART 168  Desktop Publishing/Presentation Graphics (3 credits)

Second Semester
ART 161  Computer-Enhanced Layout and Design (3 credits)
Additional art course (3 credits)

Summer Session or Third Semester
ART 169  Advanced Computer Graphics (3 credits)
Additional art course (3 credits)