Mathematics, Engineering Technologies & Computer Sciences

The Division offers A.S. degree programs designed to prepare students to transfer to four-year institutions to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics, engineering, computer, science and technology and A.A.S. and certificate programs designed to prepare students to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation. The Mathematics Department also provides general education courses in mathematics required for all degree programs, as well as developmental mathematics courses which, upon completion, enable students to perform successfully in mathematics-intensive courses and science courses required in their major area of study. Faculty of the Division are experienced educators with diverse backgrounds in the various applied sciences and technical fields including engineering, computer sciences, and mathematics who are well qualified to impart the knowledge necessary to prepare students for a wide variety of careers. Furthermore, many of the Division faculty have professional experience in industrial settings and have earned doctoral degrees or professional engineering licenses in their field of specialty.

Please note that most mathematics courses are sequential in nature and so care should be taken to register for courses in their proper order and without long time delay between courses, and also note that the College offers tutoring in mathematics at each of its campuses. The Center for Technology, which houses the Engineering and Computer Science faculty and laboratories, has 30,000 square feet of classrooms, laboratories, and office space on two levels. The engineering and computer science courses utilize cutting-edge equipment in spacious laboratories designed for training the next generation of engineers, technicians, and scientists.

Academic Degrees:
Applied Computer Science (A.S.)
Architectural Technology (A.A.S.)
Civil Engineering Technology (A.A.S.)
Computer Information Systems (A.S.)
Computer Science (A.S.)
Cybersecurity & Network Technology (A.A.S.)
Electronic Engineering Technology (A.A.S.)
Engineering (A.S.)
Health Information Technology (A.A.S.)
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (A.A.S.)
Mathematics (A.S.)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (A.A.S.)
Software Development Technology (A.A.S.)
Technical Studies (A.A.S.)
Technical Studies: Uniform Construction Code Technology (A.A.S.)

Academic Certificates:
Computer and Network Support
Database System Administration
Software Development & Programming

Certificates of Achievement:
Building Code Technology
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Technology
Electrical Code Technology
Fire Code Technology
Plumbing Code Technology

Engineering Technologies & Computer Sciences
Location: Center for Technology
Telephone: (973) 877-4400
Fax: (973) 877-4407

Location: Level II, Blue Area
Telephone: (973) 877-3302

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