Three distinctive courses in rapidly growing areas will be offered for the first time through the ECC Business Division during the Spring 2014 semester, with the goal of creating a trio of new Business Associate degree majors.


Collectively dubbed “Taking a New Route,” the courses are defined as experimental and a prelude to being developed into formal degree programs, said Carlos Rivera, Acting Dean of Business, Industry & Government at the College. He projects the new majors, pending formal state approval, will be fully developed by the end of the fall 2014 semester.


The new courses and majors include Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship Option); Introduction to Hip Hop Business (Hip Hop Business Studies Option); and Introduction to Public Administration (Public Administrative Option). The Entrepreneurship course carries a co-requisite of Business 101 (Business Organization & Management).


The launch of Introduction to Finance (Finance Option) signals the revitalization of the finance-based degree, once again in a rapidly growing area. The course requires a prerequisite of Economics 101 (Principles of Economics – Macro).


Further descriptions of the courses include:


Introduction to Entrepreneurship (ENT 101): The course offers a framework for understanding the process of how to start and manage new businesses. Students will also be exposed to the challenges, risk factors and strategies for examining the environment in which new businesses operate.


Introduction to Hip Hop Business (HHP 101): The course emphasizes the elements, origins and position of Hip Hop in the entertainment industry. Students will learn how to develop Hip Hop business start up ventures, and understand best practices, business models, and development basics.


Introduction to Public Administration (PAD 101): This class was designed to provide students interested in management and leadership positions with an overview of the necessary skill sets needed to succeed in the public sector, as well as non-profits and the overall business community.


Introduction to Finance (FIN 101): This course provides a conceptual framework for the financial decision-making process, and introduces the tools and techniques of finance, including financial mathematics, budgeting, funding sources, and financial analysis.


Additional information on these courses is available by contacting ECC’s Division of Business at (973) 877-3222.

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