Dr. Michael Akinyemi is flanked by Dr. Eunice Kamunge (left) and Dr. Jill Stein, Dean of STEM & Health Sciences

Dr. Michael Akinyemi is a successful diagnostic/interventional radiologist practicing in Camden. He has also served as medical director at the St. Francis School of Radiography in Trenton.


But the 34-year-old physician has certainly never forgotten the educational foundation he received at Essex County College as a teenager, not far removed from when he and his family came to this country from Nigeria. He earned High Honors and an Associate in Science din Biology, Pre-Medicine in 2001.


“We came to this country when I was 16, directly from high school,” the soft spoken Dr. Akinyemi recalled during a recent visit to his alma mater. He soon enrolled at Essex as a teen student opted for Biology because, as he says, “I have always been interested in medicine.”


Once enrolled, Dr. Akinyemi found a nurturing environment. “Essex County College really helped me with the small classes taught by professors who really care about education.”


After graduating Essex, he headed off to nearby New Jersey Institute of Technology where he majored in Biomedical Engineering/Chemistry/Applied Mathematics. Dr. Akinyemi then earned his medical degree in 2009 from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.


But it was after he graduated NJIT, with Honors, in 2004, that he made an interesting discovery.


“I ended up taking all my pre-medicine classes just at Essex. That’s something I truly have never forgotten about Essex County College.”


That assessment really pleased Dr. Eunice Kamunge, one of Dr. Akimyemi’s professors at Essex. “He’s a true testament as to what our mission fulfills,” said Dr. Kamunge, who had him as a student in several of her microbiology classes.


“He was a hardworking student who was both motivated and determined to success in his studies. The fact that he has been able to use the knowledge frm my classes in his work today makes me feel proud,” she added.


Dr. Akinyemi notes that other members of his family have also attended Essex County College. “Essex has been one of the best decisions me and my family have made, we’ve received great educations and it has been affordable.”


So as Dr. Akinyemi continues his medical career in south Jersey, he will always look a bit north and remember where he got a big boost.

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