Alpha Theta Theta:
A. Zachary Yamba Building
303 University Ave.
Room 1167
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973.877.3596

The following by-laws are in accordance with the International Honor Society of American Community and Junior Colleges.


ARTICLE I. Name of Society Chapter

The Name of the Society Chapter shall be “PHI THETA KAPPA, ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER.”


ARTICLE II. Purpose of Society Chapter

The purpose of PHI THETA KAPPA, ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER, shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among Essex County College students. Working toward this goal, PHI THETA KAPPA shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas, lively fellowship for scholars, and stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.


ARTICLE III. Membership in the Society Chapter

Section 1 Membership.
To be eligible for membership in PHI THETA KAPPA, ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER, a student shall be regularly enrolled in Essex County College and registered for a minimum of six (6) college for the Fall and Winter Semesters in which membership is sought, have accumulated a minimum of 12 college credits, have achieved a Cumulative Grade Point Average (Cum G.P.A.) of not less than 3.60, have no grades below a “C” unless the course has been repeated and a grade of “C” or higher is recorded, secure two faculty letters of recommendation, write a 50 word statement expressing a desire to join and a willingness to serve the local chapter of PHI THETA KAPPA and the college community, and be of good moral character and possess recognized qualities of citizenship.


Section 2 Good standing.
A student shall remain a voting member as long as he/she is a registered student at Essex County College and maintains a 3.40 cumulative average. If a member’s cumulative average falls below 3 40 but not lower than 3.25, the Chapter Secretary will notify the member in writing that he/she will have one semester in which to bring his/her average up to 3.40. If the member fails to bring his/her average up to 3 40, the Executive Director will be notified and the member’s name shall be dropped from the national and chapter rolls. If a member’s cumulative average falls below 3 25, the Executive Director will be notified and the member’s name shall be dropped from the national and chapter rolls, unless the Executive Board decides in truly exceptional circumstances to consider probation of the member’s future status at the following board meeting.


Section 3. Membership Certificate.
All members shall receive a certificate of membership signed by the National Executive Director and the ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER advisors and stamped with the official seal of PHI THETA KAPPA chapter records New members shall receive a certificate of membership.


Section 4. Penalties
Should a member be dropped from the national roll, he/she shall relinquish his/her certificate to the chapter secretary which will be forwarded to the National Executive Director.


Section 5 Alumni Members.
Alumni members shall be former members of the Society who terminated their active membership in good standing, with a minimum of one year’s enrollment in Essex County College work. Alumni members shall be entitled to all the privileges of members except the right to vote or hold office.


Section 6. Honorary Membership.
Honorary membership in the chapter may be granted to men and women who have rendered distinguished service in the community and the college. All honorary members hall be privileged to wear the regular PHI THETA KAPPA key, and shall possess all membership privileges except that of voting and holding office Any member of the chapter may nominate an honorary member and the chapter shall vote on the nomination at a regular or special meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) vote in quorum shall be required for the appointment of an honorary member.


Section 7. Change of Residence.
A member of ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER who changes his/her residence may remain an alumni member or may enroll in another chapter of PHI THETA KAPPA upon the presentation of satisfactory credentials.


Section 8 Service for Enhanced Membership.
Enhanced membership requires service to the Chapter and community. Service is the performance of a useful PHI THETA KAPPA related function, Service requirements will be approved by the Executive Board consisting of the four officers. Continuing members must fulfill all service requirements per year of membership.


ARTICLE IV. Chapter Officers

Section 1 Elected Officers.
The elected officers of the Essex County College ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER of PHI THETA KAPPA shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer The Chapter may elect any other officers it so desires. Term of office shall be one (1) year.


Section 2 Required vote to elect and remove.
A simple majority vote in quorum shall elect any officer and a three-fourths (3/4) vote shall be necessary to remove him/her from office.


Section 3 Duties of the Chapter Officers.
(a) The president shall preside at the chapter meetings and shall perform such duties as pertaining to the office of the president The president shall appoint all committees with the approval of the quorum. The president shall act as the official representative of the society at all college functions.
(b) The vice-president shall assist the president in the performance of his/her duties, shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the president in case of the president’s absence, and shall keep the society informed of decisions and suggestions made and attitudes of the administration pertaining to the society.
(c) The secretary shall take and keep the minutes of all general and special meetings in the official minute book, which shall be kept on file. The secretary shall keep the constitution up-to-date and make a copy of the by-laws available to any person upon request The secretary shall pass an up-to-date copy of the by-laws on to his/her successor and receive and take care of all correspondence.
(d) The treasurer shall record all of the society’s funds and keep records of all income and expenditures, and maintain the receipts of expenditures for a period of not less than one year The treasurer shall report on the financial condition of the society at each general meeting and state all revenue and expenses from the last meeting as well as the present balance in the treasury.


Section 4 Qualifications.
All elective officers, being from the rolls of membership of the chapter, must be possessed with the qualities of good citizenship, good character, leadership potential, and academic excellence.


Section 5 Restrictions.
No precedent.


Section 6 Voting Privileges.
All members shall have the right to vote or hold office, except alumni and honorary members.


ARTICLE V. Meetings

Section 1 Time and Place.
Time and place of meetings shall be determined by the officers and members.


Section 2. General meetings.
General meetings shall be at least once a month.


Sections 3. Quorum.
Quorum is established by the advisors and officers as deemed functional.


ARTICLE VI. Committees.

Section 1. Service, leadership and social committees.
The service, leadership and social committees shall be composed of chapter members The duties of each committee shall be to inform and advise members present at a chapter meeting of activities and ideas to give the chapter meaningful purpose. Each committee shall be presided by a chairperson who will be responsible for seeing that a report is given to the chapter members at each general meeting.


Section 2 Special meetings.
Special meetings shall be set by the officers, committee chairpersons, and members of the committees.


Section 3. Attendance.
Members are required to attend meetings as set by committee chairpersons.



Section 1 Payment of National Dues.
National dues are fixed by the Board of Directors on recommendation of the Executive Committee and are fifty dollars ($60.00) per initiate. At the time of initiation, the ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER treasurer of the college’s Accounting Office shall remit to the executive director of PHI THETA KAPPA the dues for all new members No candidate shall be initiated until his/her national dues have been paid.


Section 2 Local dues.
Local dues shall be ten dollars ($20.00), payable at the time of initiation in the ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER. There shall be no dues for honorary members.


ARTICLE VIII. Faculty Advisory

Section 1 Appointment.
The faculty advisors shall be appointed by the Essex County College President at the request of the elected officers of PHI THETA KAPPA, ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER A simple majority in quorum is required to confirm the advisor’s appointment The advisors shall be responsible for the guidance and approval of chapter activities and shall act on behalf of the college administration.


ARTICLE IX Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order, 75th Anniversary Edition, shall be used to govern parliamentary procedures and order of business.


ARTICLE X. Statement of Conformity

Section 1. National Society.
The PHI THETA KAPPA, ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER, of Essex County College shall follow the constitution as drawn by and approved by the American Association of Community and Junior Colleges for this National Honorary Society.


Section 2. Essex County College.
All members of PHI THETA KAPPA, ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER, will uphold the rules and regulations of Essex County College If any rules and/or regulations are violated by a member, that member shall not face disciplinary action by ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER until such time that the member has been convicted of a violation by the methods and procedures stated in the Essex County College Code of Student Conduct, In the event that a member of ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER is found guilty of these charges, his/her name will be submitted to the membership at a special or general meeting to cause a vote in quorum in determine if that member will be dropped from the chapter and the National rolls. If removed, the member will have no further recourse A petition of two-thirds (2/3) of all active members will be required to remove a member.


ARTICLE XI. Changes to By-Laws

Section 1. Vote and Notification.
The by-laws may be changed at any chapter meeting of the PHI THETA KAPPA, ALPHA THETA THETA CHAPTER, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote in quorum. Written notice of any proposed changes to the by-laws shall be sent to all officers at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the chapter meeting.


Section 2. Alteration of purpose.
Changes to the by-laws shall not alter the purposes of the chapter or operate against the stated purpose of PHI THETA KAPPA Society.


Section 3. Submission of Changes to By-Laws.
All changes to the by-laws shall be submitted to the general membership and must be approved before becoming official.


ARTICLE XII. Statement of Original Approval.

“These by-laws shall become official only after a simple majority in quorum at a general membership meeting.”